About to make you rethink your childhood

A message from Anonymous
Fairy tales tell us not to be lustful but reality makes it impossible

Fairy tales address lust? Since when? Was Goldilocks and the Three Bears allegory about sleeping around?

A message from yougottalovenerds
I quite disagree, what makes you think out taste in porn is any worse. I like to think I have good taste

No you’re wrong. If you’re a man, then you have horrible taste in porn. It is known.

A message from Anonymous
Art takes all kinds.... How do you deal with all that attention?

Lots of passive aggressive smart ass remarks.

A message from Anonymous
Not answering my questions is not polite. My Christian family and friends can not know of my lustful desires. I should repent, but I like your page. Seth

Well if God didn’t want us to be lustful, why did he create Yoga pants?

A message from Anonymous
I'm very impressed by your art. Where do you find time to post so many? Does your boyfriend like help you pick out the best ones? Keep posting Seth

Well if i had a boyfriend I wouldn’t let him pick shit. Guys have shitty taste in porn..